Dr Ester Haumann

Clinical psychologist, Jungian analyst, and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

HPCSA registration: PS 0005436
Practice number: 8604819

The decision to see a psychotherapist or analyst is never easy. It usually comes about when you have reached a crisis point or find yourself struggling with issues that are negatively affecting the quality of your life. I hope that this website will give you some insight into how psychotherapy or analysis may help you address these difficult and painful aspects of your life, and lead to you becoming more of the person you would like to be.

Depth or psychodynamic psychotherapy refers to those therapeutic approaches (mainly psychoanalytic or Jungian) where there is an assumption that how we understand and experience ourselves is often limited. Aspects of ourselves may be embedded in our everyday lives but have not yet been thought about. There may also be parts of ourselves that we have repressed or become cut off from. Indeed, we all (including therapists) have our own very idiosyncratic “blind spots”. To engage meaningfully with these blind spots, one often requires the presence of another person in the context of a safe, mutually respectful therapeutic relationship.

Depth psychotherapy therefore emphasises the exploration of the subtle, unconscious aspects of ourselves, for example, dreams and complexes. Symbols and images are important parts of such a process.

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