Getting Started

Making a decision

After making the decision to enter psychotherapy, and identifying the psychotherapist you wish to see, it is time to make an appointment for the first session. You are welcome to make an appointment with me by email or phone. Please DO leave a message if the phone goes to my messaging application as I do not take calls when I am engaged in a therapy session.

First session
During the first session, we would typically discuss the reason for your seeking professional help and how I could possibly assist you. I offer therapy in both English and Afrikaans.
I work out a specific treatment plan that is geared towards the needs of every individual client; and I primarily focus on personal development and building of psychic resilience. Therapy takes place in a private, quiet room where we will not be disturbed. It is possible to do therapy sessions by means of Skype or FaceTime if you live outside Cape Town. However, I do prefer having a few face-to-face sessions before moving to a long-distance therapeutic relationship.
How long will it take?
Individual therapy sessions last 50 minutes. The number of sessions and the intensity of your therapy depends on what you need and want at a particular time. The focus of the initial phase of therapy is normally on finding help with, or relief from, the issue, problem or symptom being experienced. Some clients find relief after only a few sessions. For other clients, therapy can also become a process of transformation towards greater wholeness, balance and well-being. This can take from months to years. However, the decision to continue with therapy always lies with the client.